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      Deniz AlkaçFounder and Managing Director, Bruut Amsterdam

      For the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, taking place May 2023, one of the world’s most-watched annual television shows, ReadySet Studios delivered virtual production services for a special music video performance by Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper featuring their song Burning Daylight, the official entry that will represent the Netherlands.

      At the Amsterdam stage, the ReadySet Studios virtual art department worked closely with client Bruut Amsterdam to bring the creative vision of director Gregory Samson to life and to credibly solve productional challenges with an emphasis on sustainability practices.

      ReadySet Studios spoke to Deniz Alkaç, executive producer at Bruut Amsterdam, about their experience incorporating virtual production into the creative pipeline on Burning Daylight.

      Tell us about Bruut Amsterdam?

      Deniz Alkaç: Bruut Amsterdam is a creative production company. The studio works with leading agencies and brands to create high-quality film and photo content. We bring together the best contemporary talent and facilitate an ambitious and smart production process. We’re proud to have worked with esteemed clients such as the Dutch Government, Unilever, and Samsung, in collaboration with renowned agencies like TBWA, Cheil, and Dentsu.

      An extensive 'behind the scenes' look at the creation of Burning Daylight, produced by Bruut Amsterdam. The combination of different locations, high time pressure and the strict secrecy of the song made the production an ambitious project.

      What was the decision around incorporating virtual production on Burning Daylight? Was this the first time Bruut Amsterdam used virtual production? 

      Deniz Alkaç: At Bruut Amsterdam, we are constantly on the lookout for new film techniques that can take our productions to the next level. When we took on the challenge of producing the music video for Burning Daylight, we knew we had our work cut out for us. With only three weeks to pull off the entire production, we needed to think outside the box and find a solution that would allow us to create different worlds without wasting any time or drawing unwanted attention.

      This is where the groundbreaking virtual production techniques from ReadySet Studios were an asset. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, we could seamlessly integrate different locations and create entirely new worlds in a matter of weeks. And best of all, we could do it all in complete secrecy, without anyone suspecting a thing. At the time we were filming the music video, the song was still strictly confidential and could not be leaked under any circumstances.

      We were thrilled to use virtual production for the first time, and it certainly had a significant impact on our production process.

      Typically, location scouting is one of the later stages of pre-production, but in this case, it was one of our primary concerns. Since anything can be created in this virtual environment, the team’s creativity played a crucial role in bringing our vision to life.

      How did Bruut Amsterdam first hear about RSS?

      Deniz Alkaç: When we started planning for this production, we knew we wanted to work with the best production designer to ensure that every aspect of the project was executed to perfection. As we brainstormed potential candidates, Florian Legters, ReadySet Studios’ head of production design, immediately came to mind.

      We were determined to bring him on board to help bring our creative vision to life.

      Thanks to Florian’s deep knowledge of production design and the state-of-the-art virtual production capabilities at ReadySet Studios, we successfully brought the artists’ creative vision to life in ways we never thought possible.

      As we talked about the scope and goals of the production, it quickly became apparent that virtual production was the perfect fit for our project.

      “Without a virtual production workflow, we would have been limited by the constraints of traditional filmmaking and forced to compromise on our creative vision.”

      What was Bruut Amsterdam’s overall experience using virtual production on such a high-profile project?

      Deniz Alkaç: Bruut Amsterdam’s collaboration with ReadySet Studios was an incredibly positive experience. ReadySet Studios managed the virtual production for Burning Daylight with professionalism and flawless execution, allowing us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in film production.

      As a result, we completed the entire production in just three weeks to deliver a music video that truly stands out from the crowd.

      Burning Daylight – Official Music Video

      Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest with their entry ‘Burning Daylight’. The duo describes the song as ‘an ode to life’s falling and getting up again.

      ReadySet Studios – Making Burning Daylight

      Creating a music video using virtual production; behind the scenes video shot and edited by Daan Geurts.