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      ReadySet welcomes any content creator to its VP stage and make use of its potential to join in our efforts to lift the industry to the next level.


      Florian Legters
      Founder/studio manager, production designer

      Florian is responsible for the look & feel of many Dutch film and drama productions. With his company Uncrowned King he took care of the design of renowned series like De Luizenmoeder and Klem. Also international advertisers like Nestlé, Philips, BMW, McDonalds and KLM find their way to Florian.

      Idse Grotenhuis
      Founder, producer

      Idse is a producer of several critically acclaimed high end drama series as well as a recurring creative on the longest running Dutch soap series GTST. He has 30 years of experience as an independent producer/ director and is currently working for multiple production companies.

      Dennis Kleyn (Planet X Technologies)
      Founder, VFX supervisor/VP producer

      Dennis is the founder and CEO of award winning visual effects studio Planet X, founded in 2004. A key player within the Dutch film industry, the company has more than 20 artists employed and features a separate branch specialising in new technologies like Virtual Production.

      Chris Licher
      Founder, CFO

      Chris is an experienced finance professional. He worked in financial director and CFO roles at various TV and Film production companies like Endemol, Eyeworks, Warner and United.

      Nils Pauwels
      Partner, Head of Virtual Production

      Nils is an early adopter of Virtual Production and In Camera VFX. With 18+ years of experience in the audiovisual industry, he has worked all around the globe for Live Events, Sports, Broadcast and setting up some of the largest LED stages in (film)studios in the world. He has worked for all major OTT/VOD platforms, international production companies as well as independent filmmakers.